The Harriet F. Rees House, a four-story Romanesque Revival style townhome, was built in 1888 by architects Cobb & Frost and was one of the last remaining historic mansions of the prestigious 19th century residential neighborhood along Prairie Avenue.

Professional Services

Klein & Hoffman worked directly for the house moving subcontractor, Wolfe House Movers, LLC., to provide stamped construction drawings for the temporary steel platform and frame that would support the masonry structure during the relocation. We obtained detailed measurements of the existing building in order to calculate its weight, design a temporary steel platform, and confirm the load distribution onto 29 remote-controlled hydraulic dollies that would move the house to its new location. We also designed the temporary vertical bracing system that would provide lateral stability to the structure while in motion.

2110 South Prairie Avenue
Chicago, Illinois

Structural Rehab / Adaptive Reuse
Low Rise

04/2014 - 11/2014

Terry McDonald, Senior Associate II
Michelle Ryland, Associate III