Our Services

Building Envelope

For old and new, historic and modern, Klein & Hoffman develops innovative solutions to the investigation, repair or replacement of masonry facades, roofs, windows, and curtainwalls. Whether addressing deterioration, moisture/water infiltration, or safety hazards, we strive to maintain the integrity and character of the original façade.

  • Investigation, Repair and Restoration
  • Ordinance and Special Inspections
  • Curtainwall / Window
  • Roofing and Waterproofing
  • Enclosure commissioning / Peer Review
  • Energy Modeling and Performance Analysis
  • Historic Preservation
  • Expert Witness / Litigation Support
Structural Engineering

A building’s condition and function are impacted by time. Stability and integrity of a structure or its components should not be taken for granted. We will partner with you to provide sound structural engineering solutions that consider life span, budgetary constraints and owners’ expectations. Whether you are expanding, removing, relocating or repairing structural elements, we can help you with innovative and unique solutions to adapt your building to your current and future needs. Let us help you protect your investment and complete your projects on budget and on time.


Evaluation, Planning & Project Coordination

For buildings of all shapes, sizes and uses, Klein & Hoffman provides evaluation, planning and project coordination services that will help maintain or improve your building’s performance and functionality. We combine architecture, engineering and financial strategies to assess existing conditions, develop plans and implement creative solutions to preserve value now and into the future.



  • Reserve Studies / Transition Studies
  • Condition Assessments / Feasibility Studies
  • Life Safety Evaluation / Violation Correction
  • Elevator / Riser Modernization
  • Plan Review / Code Compliance Reviews
  • Due Diligence