Apex 41 Apartments is a new, 181-unit residential development building located in the heart of the Yorktown shopping district in Lombard, Illinois. The building features multiple balconies and reveals, breaking up the profile and providing visual interest while at the same time providing individual outdoor areas for most tenants. The building is a five-story cold-formed steel structure with a two-story precast concrete parking garage. The stair towers and elevator shafts were framed with CMU walls. The apartment complex is located on a vacant site set back from the main thoroughfare of Highland Avenue and Butterfield Road, but within walking distance of many shopping and dining venues.

Professional Services

Klein & Hoffman was retained to perform structural engineering services for the new design. We worked with the design team to explore multiple framing options for the residential portion, and helped settle on the cold-formed steel design for its performance characteristics, speed of acquisition, and relatively low cost of installation. We were also instrumental in the foundation design for the precast-framed parking structure. The site was sloped and required coordinating the earth-retention structure with the precast concrete design-build team.

2760 Highland Avenue
Lombard, Illinois

New Structural Design
Mid Rise

01/2015 -

Homa Ghaemi, Principal
Terry McDonald, Associate Principal