The Chicago Board of Trade Building™ consists of two buildings: the original 1930 Holabird & Root building (North Building) and the 1982 South Annex (South Building). Klein & Hoffman has been providing engineering services to the Chicago Board of Trade Building since the 1980s. The lobby renovation project was implemented to open the 1st floor of the historic north building for visitors and occupants by relocating the reception desk and security access to the 2nd floor.

Professional Services

The structural design included installation of new escalators, requiring reinforcing of the existing structural framing, alterations to elevator openings, structural assessment of the existing clay tile arch construction, and other miscellaneous structural modifications. Klein & Hoffman provided a full scope of structural engineering services related to the development of construction documents and execution of construction services. Particular attention was given to deflection criteria related to the escalator and elevator modifications. Reinforcing of the existing structure was required to accommodate the new loads. During construction, areas of previous structural damage to the existing clay tile arch floor system was uncovered and addressed as part of the renovation.

141 West Jackson Boulevard
Chicago, Illinois

Facade Repair
Systems & Interiors
Ordinance & Special Inspections
Structural Rehab / Adaptive Reuse
High Rise

03/2013 - 07/2013

Terry McDonald, Senior Associate II
Kathleen Strnad, Senior Associate I