Historic Preservation

To Klein and Hoffman (K&H) historic preservation (HP) is our endeavor to preserve, conserve, and protect buildings and their components of historical significance. To us, historic preservation applies to those buildings already designated as landmarks (local or national), and those that are more than 50 years old.

With more than four decades of historic preservation experience, we assist our clients, including owners, architects, builders, and government agencies, in preserving and enhancing buildings of a variety of types, sizes and uses. K&H’s staff possess extensive experience in diagnostics and in development of work plans for a wide range of unique construction materials and structural systems. Close collaboration between our building architectural and structural groups ensures that clients’ historic projects are cost-effective and historically sensitive.

The core of our historic preservation efforts includes these services:

  • Condition Assessments of the building envelope and structural systems
  • Non-destructive testing and evaluation of historic materials
  • Structural analysis with computer modeling
  • Temporary protection and stabilization for vulnerable structures
  • Rehabilitation / Restoration work plans
  • Contract Documents and Construction Administration
  • Project Coordination for historic preservation agency approvals and reviews
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