The Tribune Tower Complex consists of five distinct buildings, all constructed at different times and carefully joined together. All five buildings are steel framed and clad with masonry; the north, west, and south facades of the complex, and all four facades of the tower, are clad in highly decorative Indiana Limestone. The east façade of the Printing/Plant and Television Building are clad in brick masonry. Typical exterior wall construction consists of the masonry cladding which is supported at each floor by steel shelf angles attached to the structural steel frame.

Professional Services

As part of the adaptive re-use project, K&H visually reviewed the exterior facades from the vantage of exterior scaffolding (swing-stage, pipe-scaffold, mast-climber, etc.) and extensive repairs were performed as required.  The façade repair program was developed to perform long-term repairs at locations of observed deficiencies, such as spalled, cracked and displaced limestone, open/deteriorated mortar joints, cracked/deteriorated brick masonry, and buttress/screenwall deterioration.

Chicago, IL

Facade Repair
Historic Preservation
High Rise

12/2017 - 10/2021

36 Floors

Todd Gorrell, Principal
Mike Naponelli, Senior Associate I