The Kennedy House is a 30-story cooperative apartment building designed by Philadelphia architect Nowicki & Polillo in 1967. The building, located in Center City Philadelphia, occupies over 28,000 square feet in plan and houses approximately 758 individual residential units on 25 floors. The second, third and fourth levels are dedicated to parking and the first level contains commercial and retail space. The reinforced concrete building has projecting balconies, concrete block and brick knee walls below the windows, a brick façade and a variety of window unit sizes and assemblies including sliding windows and sliding doors.

Professional Services

Klein & Hoffman has completed investigations of both the brick masonry and concrete elements of the facades including the projecting balconies. Repair programs of various degrees have been developed, including a comprehensive balcony concrete repair program with phased implementation. We also completed the City of Philadelphia’s required Façade Ordinance Inspection and Report. We initially inspected a representative sample of window and doors, preparing a condition assessment report with our findings including an analysis of viable repair or replacement options with associated cost estimates. We worked with the Cooperative to answer questions and to present those findings in a public forum for all residents to understand and to allow feedback. We continued to work closely with the Cooperative to develop all aspects of the final project, including the necessary construction drawings and bid solicitation.

1901 John F Kennedy Blvd
Philadelphia, PA 19103

Facade Repair
Curtainwall / Windows
Ordinance & Special Inspections
High Rise

01/2008 - 12/2017

Peter J. Power, Principal