Naval Square, located in the Grays Ferry neighborhood of Philadelphia is a 20-acre residential complex with approximately 600 condominium units. A variety of unit types are spread throughout the 30 buildings in the complex. The main historic gates and driveway entrance and exit to the complex are on Grays Ferry Avenue to the southeast of the complex, and the secondary entrance is on Schuylkill Avenue to the northwest.

Professional Services

The Schuylkill Avenue gate includes an inbound and outbound lane that are separated by an unoccupied Guard Booth and operable security gates that only allows one car in the inbound lane to be safely off the sidewalk and avenue. K&H performed an analysis of the existing gate configuration and traffic flow patterns in order to provide various alternatives.

K&H provided the Association with the assessment of the gate configuration and provided several revised scenarios of the layout to reduce automobiles impacting traffic on the avenue. Conceptual design sketches were prepared and 3D renderings constructed for pre-visualization. Also, the report outlined the attributes of each scenario and their individual costs models.

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