Built in approximately 1985, Triangle Plaza is an office complex with two high-rise towers. Both buildings face on to a plaza that is a combination of pavers and landscaping. Below the plaza is an underground executive parking floor, that extends below the surface parking. The parking and plaza levels are constructed of reinforced concrete.

Professional Services

The underground parking floor had water leaking into it from the plaza above and led to deterioration of the concrete ceiling, as well as water dripping onto the cars below. A phased approach was taken to re-waterproof the plaza and repair the concrete below. This had to be performed while keeping a portion of the area open and allow access to the office buildings at all times, minimizing disruption to the tenants.

Our team developed documents outlining the project in three separate phases – first the plaza, then the underground garage and finally the planters. It was necessary to treat these as the separate projects for the Owner’s budget purposes but having the continuity of K&H allowed them to be coordinated. This prevented having gaps between projects and the boundaries where one stopped and the other started. K&H worked with the selected contractor to address concealed conditions in a creative, responsive, cost-effective manner. K&H also reviewed payment applications and change orders for the project from the contractor, confirming the appropriateness of the presented invoices.

Chicago, IL

Structural Rehab / Adaptive Reuse
High Rise
Parking Structures

07/2017 - 08/2018

Terry McDonald, Associate Principal
Hershel Bhat, Associate III