Constructed on speculation in 1851 as a cottage dwelling, Perry World House is comprised of lime-based stucco on brick tooled to resemble ashlar stone. As with its twin to the west, Kelly Writer’s House, by the 1950s the University of Pennsylvania assumed ownership and officially incorporated it into the surrounding campus. It is one of the oldest structures on the campus, dating from the suburban expansion of Philadelphia to the west.

Professional Services

Klein & Hoffman was hired to consult the design architect on restoration detailing. As such, we coordinated a stucco analysis to inform the stucco repair mix design, as well as a paint analysis to inform the color scheme. We produced the construction documents, which included re-introduction of the slate roof and wood windows based on archival photographs. Construction started in Spring 2015 and was completed in mid 2016.

3803 Locust Walk
Philadelphia, PA

Historic Preservation
Structural Rehab / Adaptive Reuse
Low Rise

01/2013 - 12/2016

Peter J. Power, Principal