The Narragansett building was designed in 1928 by the architectural firm of Leichenko and Esser. The 22-story concrete frame building is a residential complex. The exterior walls are clad in stone, brick and elaborate polychrome terra cotta varying from representations of animals to spandrels panels with abstract graphics.

Professional Services

Klein & Hoffman has served as the architect/engineer of record for the building since 1992 and has successfully completed six phases of work over the years, which have covered over 75 percent of the building perimeter. As architect/engineer of record, we assessed the condition of the building’s envelope and life safety components, developed and implemented a multi-phased repair program for the masonry facade, repaired the structural elements of the canopy, and modernized the elevator and the one-way and two-way voice communications.

1640 East 50th Street
Chicago, IL 60615

Facade Repair
Assessment & Resource Planning
Ordinance & Special Inspections
Structural Rehab / Adaptive Reuse
High Rise

Pete Power, Principal
Todd Gorrell, Principal
Roman Wachula, Senior Associate I I