Built between 1919 and 1921, the Francis Stuyvesant Peabody Estate, named “Mayslake” for Peabody’s deceased first wife and daughter, was designed by architect Benjamin H. Marshall. The mansion was designed in the Tutor Revival style and was intended to serve as Mr. Peabody’s country retirement estate. Following Mr. Peabody’s sudden death in 1922, the property was transferred to the Franciscan Order in 1924 and was used for religious retreats. The Forest Preserve District of DuPage Country acquired the property, including almost 90 acres of land, in 1992. Mayslake Hall was entered into the National Register of Historic Places in 1993.

Professional Services

K&H was selected to conduct a condition assessment to determine the general condition of the building and develop an appropriate historic treatment strategy for the restoration, rehabilitation, or replacement of the various building envelope components. The assessment included a review of the foundation, brick and limestone masonry, exterior wood and stucco, exterior doors and windows, and roofing systems. The challenge of determining the appropriate rehabilitation treatment strategy lies in balancing the desire to maintain the historic character while considering upfront repair costs and future maintenance/energy expenses.

K&H performed a visual survey of the building’s envelope and related interior areas/components to develop a condition assessment and treatment strategy report. The inspections were performed from ground and roof levels, along with up-close, hands-on inspection via boom lift. Exploratory openings were utilized to confirm the condition of the underlying building elements. Diagnostic water testing was performed at select areas experiencing continual water infiltration. K&H is currently developing a comprehensive report and cost estimate outlining our findings and recommendations for various degrees of rehabilitation/replacement. K&H’s team included assistance from Bulley and Andrews Masonry Restoration and Jones & Cleary Roofing contractors to assist with the site inspections, exploratory openings, and cost estimating.

Wheaton, IL

Facade Repair
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Historic Preservation
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07/2020 -

Peter Power, Principal
Tom Gabel, Senior Associate I
David Weirick, Associate IV