Built in 1972, The James House condominium building is a 43-story high-rise constructed with an exposed concrete frame. Typical aluminum framed window and sliding door systems are set into the structural frame on all elevations, spanning from floor to ceiling.

Professional Services

Klein & Hoffman was initially contacted to perform an investigation of the existing windows and doors in response to ongoing problems with air and water infiltration. In the process of our investigation, we needed to evaluate the current performance of the window and door systems, review the history of remedial repair work, and determine recommendations regarding future maintenance work, viable rehabilitative efforts and/or future replacement as necessary. We performed an interior survey of representative units, performed air and water performance testing and provided a detailed report documenting current window and door conditions with repair and/or replacement options and corresponding cost estimates, as well as comprehensive program development, color renderings, and a presentation to Association residents to clarify the investigation and explain further program details.

James Kilmer Condominium Association
1560 North Sandburg Terrace
Chicago, Illinois 60610

Facade Repair
Curtainwall / Windows
High Rise

01/2010 - 12/2013

Peter J. Power, Principal
Mike Naponelli, Associate V