Per the requirements of the Chicago Building Code (Chapter 13-96-840), exposed metal structures require inspection by an architect or structural engineer licensed in the state of Illinois every five years. Klein & Hoffman completed the Architectural and Structural Iron Inspection for this 28-story high-rise building in July of 2016.

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The building contains two wall-mounted fire escapes: a 27-story fire escape along the north elevation and an 18-story fire escape along the south elevation.  The top of the building is comprised of multiple roof levels contain various decorative and mechanical metal elements.

In 2017 per the recommendations of the report, the two fire escapes and various metal roof elements were cleaned of surface corrosion and repainted.  Various iron repairs were also performed to maintain the structural integrity of the fire escapes in the event of a fire. 

Our team provided structural engineering services for the project from investigation to completion of the painting and repairs. Our scope of services included: preparing the Architectural and Structural Iron Report and submitting to the city, developing bid documents and technical specifications for the fire escape painting and repairs, providing bidding services and providing construction administration services during the repairs.

Chicago, IL

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07/2016 - 11/2017

28 Floors

Homa Ghaemi, Senior Principal
Jon Carag, Associate IV