City View Condominiums, located in the Fairmount section of Philadelphia, is a rectangular-in-plan, 21-story cast-in-place concrete framed building with aluminum windows on all elevations and concrete balconies located on the north and south elevations. An EIFS covered single story building connects City View to its sister building, City View II.

Professional Services

Concerns regarding spalled concrete and water infiltration, both through the façade and the roof, have prompted this initiative. Klein & Hoffman performed a limited survey of the exterior walls, provided a brief report with our findings, recommendations and estimated construction cost, prepared the necessary construction documentation and provided bidding services. We prepared construction documents detailing concrete repairs, coatings for concrete, EIFS, and metal panels, and sealant removal and replacement.

2001 Hamilton Street Philadelphia, PA 19130

Facade Repair
High Rise

21 Floors

Peter J. Power, Principal