This Energy Center provides air conditioning as well as emergency and critical electrical services to the new replacement hospital, doubled the size and capacity of the existing facility to serve the critical needs of the hospital and greater campus. The enclosure system consists of a variety of cladding systems including brick clad insulated precast concrete and aluminum framed window systems.

Professional Services

The performance of the enclosure system is part of the critical function of this facility and is designed to perform under similar conditions of the hospital. As such this facility underwent Enclosure Commissioning similar to that of the Replacement Hospital. The delivery system for this building was part of a Design Build Project and reviews of the documents were needed on a fast track system working collaboratively with the Design Build Team to not slow the process or exceed the established performance criteria.

Challenges for this project included the development and mockups of unique construction details due to atypical construction sequence conditions with the collaborative support of the construction and design team. The building has been recently completed and brought on line for several months.

Services provided were based on NIBS Guideline 03. K&H participation included milestone design reviews, subcontractor trade coordination, submittal review, construction observation and punch listing. In addition to our review of work produced by others, K&H performed computer enclosure simulations using THERM and WUFI to independently check areas of concern. Application of the commissioning process has contributed allowing the team to perform in a highly effective manner. K&H is proud to share in the success of this project.

Lake Forest, IL

Systems & Interiors

01/2016 -

Glenn Johnson, Associate Principal