Buena Pointe is an 11-story condominium building comprised of a concrete frame with brick veneer. The base of the building is clad with cast stone panels. The saw tooth profile of the east façade and obtuse corners create visual intrigue, as well as unique detailing requirements.

Professional Services

Through further investigation of the façade construction, it was discovered that the shelf angles at the corners were discontinuous, leaving portions of masonry unsupported. In addition, there was a lack of expansion joints to allow for expansion of the masonry. The anchors at the cast stone panels were not strong enough to withstand the outward rotation of the panels. Repair details were developed to install continuous shelf angles at the corners along with necessary expansion joints; and replacement of the existing cast stone anchors with new stainless steel anchors.

4350 North Broadway
Chicago, Illinois

Facade Repair
Assessment & Resource Planning
Mid Rise

04/2010 - 08/2017

Todd Gorrell, Principal