Built in 1973 and 1974, the 2500 North Lakeview Condominium Building is a 35-story structure with a conventionally reinforced concrete frame. The concrete slabs and columns are exposed and the perimeter columns are rectangular in profile with the long sides forming the exterior envelope of the building. The building incorporates original aluminum-framed windows and doors, spanning from floor to ceiling and set into the concrete frame. Multiple window units are stacked together to complete each window opening. Heating and cooling is provided by PTAC units incorporated into the window system.

Professional Services

Klein & Hoffman performed interior inspections of 100 percent of the residential units and exterior inspections from the vantage point of swing-stage scaffolds and balconies. A comprehensive report was developed outlining avenues of air and water infiltration and general conditions of the exterior envelope that included concrete, window and PTAC components. We developed several rehabilitation alternatives encompassing a variety of repairs, then worked closely with the Board to evaluate and, ultimately, tailor a rehabilitation program that met the Association’s needs and budget requirements. We continue to perform construction-related administrative services on the project.

2500 N Lakeview
Chicago, IL 60614

Facade Repair
Curtainwall / Windows
Assessment & Resource Planning
Ordinance & Special Inspections
High Rise

01/2012 - 12/2012

Peter J. Power, Principal
Roman Wachula, Senior Associate I