The building located at 1130 South Michigan is a 43-story apartment building overlooking Lake Michigan in downtown Chicago’s South Loop area with original construction drawings dated November 1965. The main roof sits approximately 387 feet above grade and is Y-shaped in plan, with a limestone coping that runs along the entire exterior perimeter parapet. A penthouse sits at the center of the Main Roof and includes a south and north wing, both with roof heights approximately 395 feet above grade. An elevator penthouse rises above the penthouse wings to a height of nearly 410 feet above grade and hosts a large cooling tower. A large metal screen extends over 30 feet from the main roof level to conceal the large cooling tower located at the uppermost penthouse roof.

Professional Services

K&H was entrusted by Ownership and management to provide architectural engineering services for the roof membrane replacement project, including preparation of drawings and specifications, bidding services, and contract administration services. The project was planned to occur after the nesting cycle of falcons that roost on the roof ensuring the safety of the birds and for the project and contractor teams. Lastly, K&H worked with the Owner and contractor to work through challenges related to COVID-19 restrictions allowing for the project to be completed during the originally planned construction season. K&H was onsite regularly during construction to document unique conditions and develop practical solutions to ensure long-term durability of the new roofing system, and also coordinated site visits by the new membrane manufacturer’s technical representative to ensure the installation met their requirements for a long-term warranty. The project finished on time and under budget, and the building owner will have a worry-free roof for the foreseeable future.

Chicago, IL

Roofing Systems
High Rise

11/2019 - 12/2020

43 Floors

Allysia Youngquist, Associate Principal
Jason Wilen, Senior Associate II
Violet R. LaBrosse, Associate II