March 30, 2017

Kyle Stanish Keynote Speaker at the Loyola University Big Ten and Friends Parking and Transportation Conference

Loyola University hosts the 2017 Big Ten & Friends Parking and Transportation Conference April 2nd – 5th. The annual Big Ten & Friends University Transportation and Parking Conference will take place April 2nd to April 5th focusing on the unique issues of the higher education transportation and parking environment. Kyle Stanish, PhD, SE, PE, is a keynote speaker and will present, “What to Expect when you are Restoring”. Kyle was recently appointed Chair of American Concrete Institute Committee 365 on Service Life Prediction, and Chair of the Durability subcommittee of ACI 562: Assessment, Repair and Rehabilitation of Concrete Buildings (the Concrete Repair Code). Click the link to view more about Loyola University’s upcoming conference. http://www.luc.edu/campustransportation/big-ten/

Klein and Hoffman: Kyle Stanish photographed at the offices of Klein and Hoffman, Chicago, IL. May 16, 2016. Photo by Andrew Collings.