Building Envelope

Klein and Hoffman works closely with owners, building and facility managers, developers and other design professionals to inspect, assess, repair, rehabilitate and restore building facades, curtain walls, windows and roofs. We provide professional solutions to eliminate potential safety hazards, restore structural integrity, correct moisture control problems, and upgrade building appearance. We are a recognized specialist in the renovation and restoration of vintage and historic structures. Clients receive a structural work plan that consists of scope, extent, prioritized phasing and an opinion of cost.


Based on the client’s priorities and budget, our objective and technically skilled teams provide a full range of building envelope services:


Façade Repair

Klein and Hoffman has extensive experience providing engineering services for the restoration and rehabilitation of building envelope components constructed of stone, brick, terra cotta, concrete, steel and wood. The deterioration of a building façade is usually caused by flawed materials and/or original detailing, poor quality control during construction, ill-advised and deferred maintenance and harsh environmental conditions. Before any restoration or rehabilitation program can begin, an engineer inspects and identifies defective and damaged areas of the facade, determines the cause, and develops a detailed and customized correction plan for repair with prioritized phases and opinion of cost.
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Klein and Hoffman has extensive experience with a variety of curtainwall and window systems, including aluminum, steel, wood, stone and glass systems, among others. Exterior curtainwall and window-related services include general investigations, condition assessments, ongoing maintenance, serviceability issues, trouble-shooting, leakage remediation and project peer reviews. One area of specialization is the development and implementation of large-scale window replacement projects.

We work closely with clients to resolve air infiltration or water leakage issues, improve energy efficiency, address safety concerns, improve building aesthetics or enhance the quality and comfort of the interior environment.
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Roofing Systems

Whether you’re exploring options to repair, re-roof, tear-off, replace in kind or redesign, our in-depth working experience with existing buildings covers a broad spectrum of roof systems. We offer our clients comprehensive solutions including localized investigations, overall condition surveys, design of repair programs or complete replacement roof systems.
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Ordinance & Special Inspections

To ensure the safety of the general public from façade related hazards, many municipalities now require, or are in the process of requiring, proof of ongoing maintenance for buildings of certain characteristics. As an industry leader in façade repair, Klein and Hoffman understands ordinance requirements and works with building owners and officials to reduce financial and aesthetic impact and owners’ liability while extending the life of structures.
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Historic Preservation

Historic Preservation projects require engineers and architects with demonstrated expertise to document, evaluate, restore and rehabilitate historic and vintage structures.

Klein and Hoffman professionals have proven experience to analyze existing conditions, advise on regulatory and financial implications of historic buildings, and creatively design the restoration or stabilization details required for a variety of projects. We strive to strike a balance between building functionality, historic sensitivity and budget.

Our staff has extensive knowledge of a variety of construction materials including terra cotta, stone, brick, wood, historic windows, ornamental iron, sealants, protective coatings and slate and copper roofing.
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