Assessment, Evaluation & Planning

Klein and Hoffman can help your building now and in the future. This service area combines architecture, engineering and financial planning to determine the building’s overall health with the primary goal of conserving the client’s financial assets while maintaining the building’s value. As an interdisciplinary firm, clients choose to work with us beyond the assessment phase, because we offer continuity, anticipate issues before they arise, and offer solutions to avert problems - saving the client money, time and stress.


Based on the client’s priorities and budget, our objective and technically skilled teams provide a full range of assessment, evaluation and planning services:


Reserve Study

The reserve study is a business tool that guides owners in the long-term physical and financial management of their buildings. Each study includes a property review with an assessment of the general condition of each major building component, a 20-year recommended capital expenditure schedule and a cash flow bar chart analysis.


Property Transition Report

The property transition report is commissioned by building ownership organizations to verify that their building was delivered as originally documented. Each report covers a review of the declarations and permit drawings, a physical evaluation of the common areas of the building and assessment of the general condition of the property.


Due Diligence Report

The due diligence report discuses a property’s physical condition at the time of sale or new ownership acquisition. This report establishes an accurate value of the property by a walk-thru survey, interviewing appropriate sources, and reviewing available documentation.  An opinion on the property’s condition and the probable costs to remedy any material physical deficiencies observed are also presented for consideration.


Pre-Purchase Review

The pre-purchase review serves as an independent report of the condition of the property compared to the condition as represented in the sale offering documents and is based on the evaluation of available documentation pertaining to the building’s components and systems and the conditions observed during an on-site visit to the property.


Plan Review

This review process is done on behalf of building ownership to ensure that the proposed scope of modification in a building unit owner’s interior remodeling plans is in compliance with the building’s construction rules and regulations.


Feasibility Study

Feasibility studies are conducted to evaluate the economic viability of a project before resources of time and capital are invested.  The study identifies the total investment needed to successfully bring the project to completion and addresses the following components of the project:  the most appropriate methods and techniques, environmental concerns, infrastructure needs, and potential hazards.  Klein and Hoffman feasibility studies include: process design, facility layout, conceptual design, capital cost estimates, economic evaluation, working capital.
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Project Coordination

Klein and Hoffman offers project coordination services for building owners that are undertaking large capital expenditure projects for the upgrade, rehabilitation or modernization of their building systems or common areas. Our experience in multiple disciplines and technologies gives engineering peace of mind.