The Klein and Hoffman team of engineers are recognized subject matter experts in their respective areas of engineering.  Below is an index of published articles.  Click on the title to view a text version of the article.  For reprints, please click on the email link in the article to contact Klein and Hoffman.

Getting Your Parking Structure Ready for Spring

by Kyle Stanish, Ph.D., SE. PE

Navigating New Concrete Repair Standards

 by Jay H. Paul

Maintaining a Facade

featuring quotations from Peter Power, Robert Hotes and Alice Sloan

Vintage Masonry Buildings

by Mark Danielson

Terra Cotta Restoration

by Philip G. Renouf

Repair, Renovation and Strengthening of Concrete Structures

by Jay H. Paul

Repair of Historical Concrete Structures Montgomery Wards Catalog Building

by Rhocel O. Bon and Jay H. Paul

Concrete Tank Inspection

by Jay H. Paul

Concrete Protection Systems

by Jay H. Paul

415 Aldine The Repair of Terra Cotta Facades

by Philip G. Renouf